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Many hands make light work.

Investing in suppliers now leads to benefits when markets tighten. How can you improve the reliability and efficiency of suppliers and partners? Whatever route you follow, it must involve worker participation.

SourceAsia believes that corporate responsibility in Asia requires more involvement of factory workers. So we place training in the context of change management. This leads to improved factory working conditions, operational efficiencies, risk reduction and more sustainable business partnerships. The cornerstone is improved communication between managers and workers.

 Help employees to understand the importance and expectations of customers

 Communicate managementís point of view to workers and supervisors

 Understand workersí and supervisorsí points of view

 Build trust between the three parties

 Harness the skills and enthusiasm of workers and supervisors to create a more productive workplace.

 Increase retention of skilled workers and reduce worker turnover

A participatory approach encourages communications and builds trust between workers and managers.

Training and Capacity Building

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The more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed in war

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