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Every supplier presents his best side in an audit. How do you find the joker in the pack?

How comfortable are you with your suppliers, partners and investments? The supplier ‘social code of conduct’ audit usually finds well briefed employees, smart documents and a fine dinner.

SourceAsia believes a fundamental challenge is your partner’s perception of your expectations. Present a checklist and it will be ticked. Ask for documents and they’ll appear. The code of conduct audit is often its worst enemy. There are better ways to achieve the assurance you are looking for.

· Extend supplier responsibility beyond labour compliance into all operational issues.

· Integrate into existing supply chain assurance processes the key risk issues for Partners, Products, Producers, Processes and People

· Undertake risk-based screening and auditing, related to your own corporate success factors.

· Build a wider assurance platform, using supplier training, third party consultation and internet monitoring using InvestAssure

Factory operational integrity audits should include corporate responsibility issues and worker interviews.

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Paper can’t wrap fire

InvestAssure is an ethical radar, to detect and assess internet allegations and reports of  environmental damage, human rights violations, poor treatment of workers, gross corruption and other unethical corporate practices, in Asia.

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