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Non-Governmental Organisations are emerging as an important stakeholder in China and other parts of Asia. Government departments see them as a resource for monitoring corporate performance. The public see them as a voice for their concerns. They could be a key to your success.

SourceAsia believes that proactive engagement with NGOs can provide valuable insights to inform your business plans. Ongoing engagement can ease government and community relations and support business continuity. SourceAsia’s network knows who’s who, we can walk you through the jungle, facilitate introductions and act on your behalf to optimise benefits to your business.

· Learn who are the key NGOs you should be talking to.

· Decide on your focus and expectations.

· Determine how NGO engagement should fit with your other business processes.

· Plan how you will manage the engagement process?

· Ensure you will have the right resources.

You may be shouting...but is anyone listening?

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