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How secure are your vital links?

Can you assure your customers of the integrity of your supply chain? Supply chain integrity means comprehensively controlling supply chain risks to your business and to your customer’s business.

SourceAsia helps you identify and quantify the risks and the range of management options across the 5Ps - Partners, Products, Producers, Process and People We help you prioritise in the context of other operational and business risks, to find the optimum balance between:

· Source minimisation - supplier screening and ratings, contract negotiation, operational control, supplier training

· Procurement management - monitoring, audits, 3rd party reviews, stakeholder consultation, supplier engagement

· Contingency planning - supplier de-selection, withdrawal of capital, emergency re-sourcing, legal action, remedial engagement with customers, media, investors and employees

“Handle with care”. To deliver sustainable value a supply chain needs to be valued by all.

Supply Chain Management

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An ant may well destroy a whole dam

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