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When mass markets are on the move, local knowledge is the key

The business environment is constantly changing. Risk management and assurance programmes need regular refreshment and adjustment from timely, focused inputs on new developments.

What are the timescales and trends? What are the business implications? Using a network of partners and contacts with NGOs, universities and government, SourceAsia provides on-the-ground interpretation and insights on  regulations, stakeholder pressures, media focus, social responsibility codes, environment resource constraints, consumer expectations, competitor activities and corporate standards.

· Learn what local regulations and standards could mean for your proposed business plans.

· Understand how the authorities will apply them to your new factory, product or service.

· Learn from the experience of others in your sector.

· Consider the opinions of the increasingly important NGOs?

· Review what’s receiving attention in the media

· Which consumer and other stakeholder trends are shaping the market?

Interpretation of local regulations is critical

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