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Do your business plans make sense when corporate responsibility is on the table?

Western companies doing business in Asia face a range of risks which could outweigh the potential benefits of the opportunity. Too many throw caution to the wind and turn a blind eye, particularly to the non-financial risks related to corporate responsibility. These have great potential to damage a company.

SourceAsia helps you identify and assess the risks facing your business portfolio and future plans We help you to decide what to do about it and establish your priorities.

 Relate business success factors, strategic and operational, to Asian corporate responsibility issues.

 Assess potential impacts on business continuity, reputation, planned investments and capital projects.

 Identify key investments, products, suppliers, partners and factories which bring you risks.

 Evaluate options, e.g. training, alternative suppliers and partners, contract revisions, withdrawal of funds.

 Develop a clear strategy and policies for regional business development and operational management.

Corporate responsibility requires sensitivity but delivers balance and trust

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